Monday, March 19, 2012

Things You Can Make Out of Junk...

HoneyDoo 0038

HoneyDoo is a home maintenance bot. He is an expert at taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, answering in the affirmative and has been known to even successfully change a diaper when the nanny bot was unavailable. In his free time, he likes to collect books on Shakespeare, mythology and folklore.

Principal Parts: Nestle cookie tin, honey candy tin, wrenches, napkin ring, bells, golf club shafts, and various nuts and bolts.

Sir Russell & Humphrey 0039

Sir Russell is the lead trainer of the Queen’s Guard. He has won many regiment competitions for motionlessly standing sentry. During his off duty hours he enjoys patrolling the grounds with his dog, Humphrey. Humphrey loves to chase squirrels and thinks his master is entirely too stiff. He will often provide many sloppy kisses in an attempt to loosen him up.

Principal Parts: Various storage tins, metal shot glass, wine opener, bracelet links, metal bowl, door stop, strainers, candy molds, light fixture parts, watch part, plumbing chain, baking tins, golf club shafts, and various nuts and bolts.


kalea_kane said...

Okay...those are the CUTEST! Thanks for sharing.

Dr. Mom said...