Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Garden...

I just felt like sharing my garden!  I started square foot gardening last year and have expanded it this year.  The kids love planting things!  I saw someone use pallets on Pinterest so my husband brought some home to me which his company no longer used.  He works in the accounting department of the corporate office of a Swiss kitchen manufacturing company.  He goes to the manufacturing facility about once a week which he loves to do because he gets to check out the machinery and walk around and talk to people.  I like the pallets!

For pallet gardening, you put down newspaper or cardboard, then the pallet, then fill with dirt. The slats are the rows. I used bricks on the open ends to contain dirt.

I also have several fruit trees and berry bushes.  Many years ago we bought a house with a peach tree in the back yard.  I had never had fruit trees but soon discovered how great they are.  So ever since, I have planted fruit trees where ever we move.  The two peach trees we now have, which I planted as twigs, now produce enough to provide fruit all winter long.  I have recently added this spring a persimmon and plum trees.

Planting trees is not hard.  They generally cost about $15-20.  You dig a hole and put them in it.  Water and mulch and wait.  The only negative is hearing from your husband how hard it is to mow the yard now!

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Sarah Eliza said...

LOVE IT!!! Your garden is beautiful. :)