Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cub Scout Derby Pictures

If you have elementary age boys, I highly recommend joining Cub Scouts. It's not expensive and gives your boys great opportunities to learn such things as building, cooking, selling and manners. The boys frequently do things such as tours of libraries, fire halls, police stations and outdoor activities. Recently both my sons competed in the Derby races and won second place each in their dens. In a time where every kid gets a trophy when they join any sports team, it's nice to have some real competition where they can actually win and lose. We also helped our daughter build a car. She got to compete with the boys after the official races. She's been to so many Scout meetings that she should be an honorary Scout! She's getting her revenge as they have to now attend her Daisy meetings.

To my Cub Scout mom follower and new friend - you are the first to connect me to this blog! You made my day. Thanks.

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