Monday, April 11, 2011

For the Locals: Williamson County Young Scholars Summer Program

This is something that no one told me about, but I happened across it and my kids love it. The Young Scholars Institute is a wonderful two week program during the summer that Williamson County children between 7 and 14 can attend. It's a learning opportunity where kids get to pick the things they want to learn from a long list of classes (like Percy Jackson, Digital Photography or Cooking). Kids do not have to be brilliant, just able to pay attention and want to be there. It cost a little more than summer camp and you do have to pay extra for aftercare through the MAC program who picks them up and transports them to the Holiday MAC site. However, last year they provided a healthy hot meal for lunch for free for the elementary students through a grant. It is totally worth it and a great learning opportunity.

There are Junior Scholars and Senior Scholars, each at a different school. However if you have children in both age groups, you can drop them off at the Senior Scholars in the morning and they will take the younger kids to the Junior Scholars location. Just a tip, if you need to be at work early and can't wait for Junior Scholars to begin, drop your kids off at the Senior Scholar site as they begin earlier and will take them where they need to be.

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