Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Food Saver Shopping Trip 10/5/11

Since football, cheerleading, soccer, Cub Scouts and Daisy's began, I have not been doing a lot of shopping. However, this was such a great deal I wanted to share. It has been a while since I have found a sale with coupons on tomatoes. This week Food Saver has a promotion where if you purchase 10 items on their list you get $5 off when you check out. Red Gold tomatoes and beans are on the list which make for a great deal! This sale will run through Sunday. Sales begin on Mondays for Food Saver.

14 Red Gold Tomatoes, regularly .95, .45 after promotion (.50 with 10%)
6 Red Gold Beans, regularly .95, .45 after promotion (.50 with 10%)
-(2) .75/1 IP Qs
-(6) .55/3 MF Qs from tearpad at the store this trip
Final Price: .26 ea

12 Best Choice Corn or Green Beans, .29 (.32 with 10%)

Dr. Pepper 10, 2 ltr, 1.43
-.55/1 hangtag on 2 ltr this trip
Final Price: .88 (.97 with 10%)

Subtotal: 25.77
Coupons: 5.35
Promotion: 11.00 (actually added back in the 10% which is cool)
Tax: 1.19
Final OOP: 10.61

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Thrifty T said...

I've missed seeing your shopping posts. This was a great shop and those tomatoes came around just in time for soup season!!!