Monday, April 9, 2012

Great Publix Trip Saving 100%

OOP: $49.92 (includes $50 gas card, saving 100%)

There is a fantastic coupon for $10 off of a $50 gas card in the current circular! You just have to purchase $50 in groceries before coupons. If you have any free item coupons, now is the time to use them.

$50 Gas Card, $50
-$10/$50 Publix Q in Circular WYB $50 in groceries
Final Price: $40

12 Voskos Yogurt, $1 ea
-(4) $1/3 Publix Qs from Yellow Flyer
-(3) $1/3 MF Q from Publix Greenwise Market Booklet, March 2012
-$1/3 IP Q
Final Price: .33 ea

8 International Delight Creamer, 3.09 BOGO
-(2) .55/1 IP Qs
-(3) $1/2 MF Q Blinkies
Final Price: 1.03 ea

2 Kelloggs Frosted Flakes, 4.29 BOGO
-(2) .50/1 IP Qs, doubled
Final Price: 1.15 ea

Persian Lime, .50
-$1 off of fruit WYB Kelloggs Cereal Peelie
Final Price: Free

Mango, $1
-$1 off of fruit WYB Kelloggs Cereal Peelie
Final Price: Free

6 Carefree products, 2.39 ea
-(6) $2/1 Publix Q from Green Flyer
-(6) $1/1 MF Qs
Final Price: Free +

2 Marie Calendar Family Size Bakes, 3.99 on sale
-(2) $1/1 Publix Qs from Yellow Flyer
-(2) $1/1 IP Qs
Final Price: 1.99 ea

Crystal Light on the Go Mix, 2.99 BOGO
-.75/1 Publix Q from Stocking Spree Booklet
Final price: .74

-$5/30 Publix Q
-$5 Catalina from Kroger (current deal on pet food)

Total before sales/coupons: $139
Sales: 29.68
Coupons: 59.40
OOP: $49.92 (includes $50 gas card, saving 100%)


Earthy Mama said...

Hi there! I just wanted to point out (since all the manufacturers are adding all the fine print these days...) the Carefree mq's state "4 like coupons per shopping trip/transaction"

Kaylee said...

Thanks for linking up at Couponing & Cooking's weekly totals!

Hope to see you link up again this Thursday.


Dr. Mom said...

Thanks Earthy Mama. I had not read the fine print but will look more closely in the future. My Publix generally allows six like coupons so I did not look.