Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Wedding Idea for Flowers!

A friend of mine is getting married and instead of flowers, which are expensive and disappear quickly, she collected antique brooches/pins from friends, family, and thrift stores to have brooch bouquets made for her wedding. They are totally cool. Fantasy Floral Designs will do this, or if you are creative, you may be able to make these. Check them out.

Just a tip, if you are interested in doing this, sells bags of costume jewelry for super cheap.


Anonymous said...

Who is your friend? This looks just like my future daughter-in-laws bouquet. It is very very pretty in person. Pictures do not do it justice.

Dr. Mom said...

Hi Sharon!

If you click on the link to brooch bouquets you will go to her wedding blog. I think it is a fantastic idea. I wish I had had the Internet available when I got married (1995) for some of these great ideas!