Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HG Hill Favorite Deals this Week 6/15/10

Here are the best deals at HG Hill this week. For the complete circular, go HERE. Be sure to look out for a possible $5/$50 coupon that is usually printed in the Franklin Review Appeal on Wednesdays. It generally comes with the Tennessean when you live in the Franklin area. You can use HG Hill coupons at Publix as well. HG Hill sale dates run from Monday through Sunday.

There is an in-ad store coupon for Best Choice Hamburger Dill Pickles for .39 when you purchase $20 in groceries.

New York Strip Steaks, 5.99 per lb

Boneless Pork Loin, 1.99 per lb

Split Chicken Breast (bone-in), 1.29 per lb

Ground Chuck, 1.99 per lb

Boneless Shoulder Roast, 1.99 per lb

Boneless Pork Chops, 2.19 per lb

Hormel Always Tender Seasoned Pork Filets, 6.99
Hormel Always Tender Product, Any - 05-02-10 SS
Final Price: 5.99

Hillshire Farm Polska or Smoked Sausage, 2.00
-$1/2 Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage, Any - Redplum.com
-$1/2 Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage, Any (DND/DNT 5) - 06-06-10 RP, 05-16-10 RP
Final Price: 1.50 ea

Valencia Oranges, 3 for $1

Hass Avocados, .89

Blueberries, pint, 2.49

Strawberries, 1.99 per lb

Kraft Barbecue Sauce, .89
Kraft Barbecue Sauce, any (DND/DNT 5) tearpad
Final Price: .39

Nabisco Chips Ahoy Cookies, 2.00
Nabisco Cookies Or Crackers, Any 4-28 oz. from booklet
Final Price: 1.50

Nabisco Ritz Crackers, 2.00
Nabisco Crackers, any - 05-16-10 SS
-$1/2 Nabisco Cookies Or Crackers, Any 4-28 oz. from booklet
Final Price: 1.50

Tombstone Pizza, 3 for $10

Coles Garlic Bread, $2.00
Coles brand Garlic Bread, Toast, Breadsticks, Cheesesticks or Pizzasticks, Any (Manf. Website)
Final Price: $1.00

Alpo Dog Food Cans, .79
Purina Alpo Brand Dog Food, Any Cans - Coupons.com
-$1/5 Purina Alpo Dog Food, Any Single Cans - 05-02-10 SS
-$1/3 Purina Alpo Chop House Dog Food, Any Single Cans - 05-02-10 SS
Final Price: .45 - .62 ea

Smithfield Sliced Lunch Meat, 2.19


Russet Potatoes, 10 lbs, 1.99

Cantaloupes, 2.25 ea

Peaches, .89 per lb

Washington Apples, .89 per lb

Corn, .30 ea

Locally Grown Fresh Tomatoes, 1.49 per lb

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