Saturday, August 21, 2010

For the Locals: Tennessee State Fair Entry Deadline

The Tennessee State Fair will begin in 20 days and the deadline for entering is fast approaching. Until last year I had never entered anything in a fair. I really knew nothing about it. I always thought it was something you might see on Mayberry but people just didn't do now. An elderly mom of a friend said I should, so for fun, I did. Actually, it's a lot of fun and really not hard to do. You just have to follow the instructions. You can even enter online now. There are tons of categories so if there is something you cook or make well, there is probably something for you.

It's also great for your kids. In a world where every kid in a class or on a team gets a trophy, here is a real competition that has the potential to build mastery and self confidence. Here is the creative arts catalog (also includes cooking).

Entry deadline:

Creative Arts, Youth, and Livestock: Online entries end August 30th, mail-in entries must be postmarked by August 28th.

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