Friday, September 3, 2010

Stocking Up on Pasta at Kroger!

Two Trips Combined, $10.22 (saving 86%)

I went to several stores to stock up on healthy Garden Delight Ronzoni Pasta. On some of the boxes, there are coupons for .50/1 which double. Fortunately, Ronzoni pasta is 10 for $10 this week which makes them free! I have also been holding onto Purity coupons forever. There were hundreds of them in the Dairy section of Publix months ago. Actually, I did not think that I would ever really get to use them since Purity is still more expensive than the store brand with coupons. I was shocked to see that Kroger has the chocolate Purity milk 10 for $10. The coupon is .35/1 which doubles and makes them .30 each. Very cool. I was so excited that I gave the shopper next to me some of my coupons so she could enjoy it as well! Also a few of the Colgate brand toothpastes are 10 for $10. Currently at our local Publix stores, there is a big display for Colgate with .50/1 coupons all over it. These make Colgate free at Kroger this week!

5 Colgate Toothpaste, $1.00
-(5) .50/1 MF Q peelies, doubled
Final Price: Free

10 Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta, $1.00
-(10) .50/1 Peelies, doubled
Final Price: Free

4 Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta, $1.00
-(2) .75/1 IP Qs
-(2) .55/1 IP Qs
Final Price: .35 ea

4 Campbell's Cooking Soup, 1.50
-(2) .50/2 IP Qs, doubled
Final Price: $1.00 ea

10 Purity Chocolate Milk, $1.00
-(10) .35/1 MF Qs, doubled
Final Price: .30 ea

Total before sales/coupons: 72.43
Coupons: 26.60
Sales: 35.61
OOP: $10.22 (saving 86%)


Super Coupon Lady said...

Pasta is a staple at our house!! I hope they have peelies at my Kroger!

FrugalMom said...

Great savings! Pasta offers endless possibilities, and it is a great frugal filler.

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Staci said...

Never mind the pasta. Check out all that Purity! I'm a Purity-o-holic! I LUV their chocolate milk. It's my equivalent of coffee every morning. Nice find!