Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grandma's Famous Hot Rolls Recipe

I would like to say that I adored this old woman but I didn't. She was my step-grandmother. She had the perfect grandma appearance, but unfortunately, I was part of a second marriage deal so I never got the pleasant grandma experience. However, the one thing that was perfect about her was her hot roll recipe. She made it by memory, and it was a part of her dinner table for over fifty years. She was known for her rolls and her family always begged for her to make them. Baking them made the house smell incredible.

I was flipping through a family cookbook recently and I happened across her written recipe. I made them today and they are just as I remember. She was always very tight-lipped about her recipe but she's been gone for years. I thought I would share!

Grandma's Famous Hot Rolls


2 c. water
3/4 c. sugar
1 tsp. salt
4 1/2 c. flour
1 pkg. yeast


Mix well and let rise to double. Work down and let rise again to double. Work down and knead several times. Make out into rolls. Put into a 12X14 inch pan and let rise to top of pan. Bake at 350 for 40 minutes.

My Notes: 40 minutes was too long for my rolls, they were done at 35 minutes. The recipe says it makes 3 dozen but that would be very small rolls. I'm sure she never made that many at one time. She always brushed them with butter before baking. I also made my dough in a breadmaker and it worked just fine. Enjoy!


Ashlee said...

Did you have to let it rise & double after the bread machine dough cycle was complete or just go to the baking step?

Dr. Mom said...

I took it from the breadmaker, formed the balls and then let it rise again. Thus I suppose it was one less rise than the directions stated. They still turned out as I would have expected.

Just fyi, my husband had some and said that these were what he would expect the perfect dinner roll to taste like. My six year old daughter actually got one on her own the next morning which she has never done with bread before.

Ashlee said...

I've got it in my bread machine now! So we'll taste test it too! Thanks!

Jan said...

My gosh, this is an awesome recipe. I am making a second batch right now as I am soooooo pleased with the first batch. I went through the double rise and I was so pleasantly surprised at the size of the rolls. They were so light and fluffy. Please know that I sincerely THANK YOU for posting this recipe. I love testing and trying new ones and since I make bread every day, it is definitely a keeper in my bread baking section. Old recipes are simply awesome. Thank you for sharing. Jan

Eve Bursey said...

Found your blog yesterday afternoon!Really enjoyed it! Then I saw recipe for Grandmas Famous Hot Rolls. It was almost 3 PM so I took a big chance on making them! Threw the ingredients into the BM and after the FIRST rise I decided that I didn't have the luxury of time on my side so I yanked the dough out of the BM and proceeded to make the rolls! Yikes! They turned out beautiful anyway! I just KNEW they wouldn't because they have no shortening in them but all your readers raved over them so I tried them. Man! These were dynamite!!! Thanks FDM!

Eve Bursey said...

This recipe is incredible! Really didn't think they would be because there is no shortening in them but tried them anyway! I only let them rise once before making them into rolls because I needed them PRONTO! They still came out to be the best rolls EVER!!! Thanks FDM!