Friday, July 18, 2008

My Favorite Things - Jason Mraz

I love music. Love, love, love it! I especially love to find new singers and songs that I fall in love with. I'm not a big radio listener (prefer iPod) since after a while I get really depressed listening to all the news. So every once in a while I'll go to Goodwill and pick out half a dozen CDs that I don't have or may not even know but like the cover. I have found that a good way to sample a bunch of music is to buy movie soundtracks, which is how I discovered my newest favorite, Jason Mraz. He sang on the Everwood soundtrack as well as Ugly Betty and 50 First Dates. He looks like the nearly comatose bag boy at Publix (sorry, Jason)- totally unassuming with an air of boredom until he opens his mouth. He is a poet with words and has an exception grasp of vocals. As far as I am concerned he ranks up there with Sting in creating beautiful music and stories at the same time.

So back to the story, I was off work this afternoon because my youngest DS had a "practice day" at Kindergarten which ended at 1 and my other DS did not get out of school until 2:40. So we made a quick trip to CVS and then to Goodwill across the street while we waited for my oldest. As I was checking out, I noticed there was a CD in the rack with the title Jason Mraz Live. Jackpot! And only $2.99!

It turned out that it was not a CD at all! It was a DVD of him in concert which I had never seen. It has now become one of my favorite things. With three young children, we don't get out to concerts much so this is totally cool!


Lavonne said...

I LOVE Jason Mraz. I agree, his lyrics are amazing and he's a really talented writer.
The "Beauty in Ugly" song from Ugly Betty is a great song. And The Remedy. And Geek in the Pink...
LOVE Jason Mraz. lol

:) Lavonne

Michelle said...

I just downloaded one of his songs!