Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our first crop...

Ten years ago my husband and I were attempting to restore a hundred year old house in East Nashville when it was hit by a tornado. As our house was no longer livable, we moved into a really ugly little ranch a few blocks away while we dealt with insurance (which took two years). Anyway, behind this house was an apple tree and a peach tree that had been there for years. It was a jewel in disguise and so wonderful to have fresh fruit during the summer. We moved away, but I never forgot how nice it was to have those trees. So three years ago, in my desire to save some money and in memory of those summers of great fruit, I planted fruit and nut trees and berry bushes in our back yard. Since I had just had our third child (thus, three still in diapers) I wanted something to plant that I would not have to spend a lot of time on (unlike a garden). This is the first year that any of our trees produced anything. Here are the first two peaches!

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