Friday, September 18, 2009

Great Deals on Pet Food at Target

I went to Target really to buy the dry Chef Michael's dog food that I saw frequently mentioned online. However, as usual, our prices were different and it was not a deal. Fortunately, the canned food is a fantastic deal right now. Here is what I purchased:

10 Chef Michael Canned Dog Food, .84
-5 BOGO Target Qs printable
-(2) $2.50 off of one bag OR B2G2 cans up to $2.50 printable
-BOGO Purina Chef Michael's Canine Creations, Any Cans - 08-23-09 RP - valid up to $1.19
Final Price: Free +

6 Cesar Bistro Canine Entrees, .89
-(3) Cesar Bistro Canine Entrees, Any (Target Coupon) - 08-16-09 RP - valid up to $1.12
-(3) BOGO IP Qs (no longer available) but there is another one HERE
Final Price: Free

Little Debbie Family Size Snack Cupcakes, on sale 2.78
-.45/1 Peelie off of the package
Final Price: 2.33
(I suspected there was going to be overage, so bought car snacks for the kids as I was on the way to get them)

Total before sales/coupons: 18.45
OOP: $1.20 (.37 plus .83 in tax, saving 93%)


christa elyce said...

ooo thanks for the inside info on the discount!great blog post!

hey, i saw you were a fan of jason mraz. i went to his concert the other night and got to meet bushwalla. got some crazy pics up on my blog from the concert! enjoy

Crystal said...

Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the coupon get it today

traci said...

A HUGE THANK YOU! I visited Target today and picked up $20. of cat and dog food for $1.34 and that included 2 pairs of socks for the teenage DD!
Again- thank you Dr.Mom

Susan said...

The dry food is on sale at Kroger for $4.29 (3.5 lb bag) and is part of the 10 item mega sale. I used the $3/1 Q from the 8/23 RP and only paid 0.79 when you include the $0.50 savings from the $5/10 items. Our dog had it for dinner tonight as a special treat!

Thanks for the heads up on the BOGO at Target - I'll think I'll be stocking up on more treats for the pup!