Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great Trip to Publix!

It's a great week at Publix for vegetables!

Publix Saltine Crackers, 1.39
-1.30 HG Hill Coupon .09 Price
Final Price: .09

Golden Flake Potato Chips, 1.67
-1.66 HG Hill Coupon .01 Price
Final Price: .01

10 Publix Green Beans/Corn, .79
-7.80 HG Hill Coupon .01 Price (limit 10)
Final Price: .01 ea

2 Pillsbury Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, 2.00
-(2) 1.25/1 IP Q
Final Price: .75 ea

2 Oscar Mayer Precooked Bacon, 3.00 ea
-(2) $2/1 HG Hill Q
-.75/1 MF Q
Final Price: .63

Publix Large Eggs, 1.39
-1.38 HG Hill Coupon .01 Price
Final Price: .01

Publix Pasta, .73
-.50/1 Kroger Q
Final Price: .23

7 Chef Boyardee, $1
-$1/5 Kroger MF Q from homemailer
-.50/2 IP Q
Final Price: .71 ea

2 International Delight Creamer, 1.99
-$1/2 MF Q
Final Price: 1.49 ea

2 Fast Fixin Chicken Nuggets, 5.99 BOGO
-(2) .75/1 MF Q
Final Price: 2.25 ea

3 Stonyfield Farm Yogurts, .50
-.50/1 IP Q, doubled
Final Price: .17 ea

6 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers, 2.39 BOGO
-(6) .50/1 IP Qs
Final Price: .20 ea

Muir Glen Tomato Paste, 1.09
Muir Glen Tomato Sauce, .89
-(2) $1/1 IP Qs
Final Price: Free

Publix Bleach, 1.50
-1.49 HG Hill Coupon .01 Price
Final Price: .01

Driscolls Raspberries, 3.99
-.50/1 IP Q

Persian Lime, .25
-$1/1 Produce WYB 2 Oscar Mayer Bacons

2 Fruit2Day Juice, 2 Pack, 3.49 BOGO
-(2) .55/1 Blinkies found this trip

-$2/$6 Produce FLIP
Final price for all produce: 2.63

6 Sundown Vitamin D, 2.99
-(3) $6/2 Publix Qs
-(6) $1/1 Peelies
Final Price: Free+

-$5/$50 HG Hill Coupon from Franklin Review Appeal

Total before sales/coupons: 105.84
Sales: 23.61
Coupons: 68.98
OOP: $13.23 (saving 88%)


Greta said...

Did you get the coupon for free International Delight creamer for becoming a fan on Facebook? I'm not sure if they're still doing it but you may want to look into it! Great trip!

Dr. Mom said...

I did (great coupon!), which is how I discovered that the Chocolate Mint Truffle tastes just like Starbuck's Mocha Peppermint! Now I am addicted! I just hope they have a BOGO sale soon.

The Prudent Patron said...

Ooo, that one sounds good. I tried the Rum one. It feels like I am relaxing with a nice drink, but really I'm just getting hyper on coffee, lol.

Shawn said...

Wow! Your trip is very inspiring! I just stumbled upon your site after clicking around on Southern Savers and I'm so glad I did! What are HG Hill coupons? And where can I find them (can you tell I'm a newbie?) They look great!

Kenya in Chattanooga

Kristin Brannan Wilson said...

What Publix do you usually shop at?

Dr. Mom said...

I shop at the Franklin Publix on 1021 Riverside Dr. It is really just off of Royal Oaks and across from the KMart. For those not familiar to Franklin, it is close to the interstate.

HG Hill stores are local to middle Tennessee and have been around for over 100 years. There are 12 locations. It just happens that the location in Franklin publishes some great coupons in the local paper and also is considered a competitor to the nearby Publix.

If you shop at Publix, it really pays to get to know their competitors and find any of their coupons that you can use at Publix.

For instance, we also have a Whole Foods nearby, and while they don't mail out coupons to our area, they do have a booklet with store coupons near their check-outs that I occasionally will stop in just to pick up. If Publix carries the product and you can find a manufacturer coupon to match it to as well, you can often get a great deal.

Kenya, welcome to strategic couponing! It's a lot of fun!

Dr. Mom said...

Just a note, if you are going to use the HG Hill coupons, be sure and write down on the coupon what the value of the coupon should be. I did and it made checkout so much easier. Here is what I would write:

For canned goods coupon -

10 X .79
-.10 (final price total)
7.80 *coupon value*

When I arrived, I borrowed a pen from customer service and as I shopped I would put it down on the coupon. This way your check out person doesn't have to spend a lot of time making calculations.

Kathleen said...

What is a HG Hill coupon? I go to Publix all the time, but I have never heard of these.

Kris said...

I am new to this and we have a Publix. Explain the deal of using HG and/or Kroger "coupons." Are these Q's from their flyers with barcodes? Or are these their advertised sales in their respective weekly flyers? I'm confused on this and why you had to write down the value of the HG coupon on their coupon.

Thanks in advance for the help. I saved 66% on my first trip to Publix. Not bad for my first time ever using coupons with only 1 week of coupon inventory. :-)

Dr. Mom said...

Kathleen, HG Hill is a local store that is a competitor to this Publix.

Kris, welcome to couponing! HG Hill and Kroger offer or mail out store coupons which can be used at Publix as they accept competitor coupons. These have to be manually entered as they do not ring up - no manufacturer barcode. Publix also will take competitor coupons for store brands.

The HG Hill coupons said "Store Canned Vegetables - .01 each". Thus, there was not an amount off, just what the final price should be. To make it easier for the cashier, you write the amount that the coupon should take off to reach that amount on the coupon. This works well if you have a BOGO coupon also. This way the cashier does not have to spend time looking up the price.