Tuesday, December 29, 2009

HG Hill Deals This Week 12/29/09

Here are the best deals at HG Hill this week. For the complete circular, go HERE. Be sure to look out for a possible $5/$50 coupon that is usually printed in the Franklin Review Appeal on Wednesdays. It generally comes with the Tennessean when you live in the Franklin area. You can use HG Hill coupons at Publix as well.

There is an in-ad coupon for Maizeto Tortilla Chips for .10 for one when you purchase $20 worth of groceries.

Ground Chuck, 1.49 per lb

Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks, .89 per lb

Country Style Pork Ribs or Steaks, 1.19 per lb

Smoked Jowl, .79 per lb

T-Bone Steaks, 5.99 per lb

Boneless Shoulder Roast, 1.89 per lb

Stew Meat or Cubed Steak, 2.99 per lb

Hillshire Farms Smokies, 2.19
Hillshire Farm Cocktail Links, Any - 12-06-09 RP
Final Price: 1.69 ea

Armour Meatballs, 2.50

Smithfield Sliced Bacon, 2.50

Russet Potatoes, 20 lbs, 3.99

Blueberries, 2.50

Hass Avocados, .79

Mangos, $1 ea

Green Cabbage, 3 lbs for $1

Collard, Turnip or Mustard Greens, .89 per lb

Luck's Beans, .50

Charmin Bath Tissue, 12 Big Rolls, 4.99
Charmin Bathroom Tissue, any - 11-29-09 PG
-.25/1 Charmin, Any Size - 12-27-09 PG
Final Price: 4.49

Bounty Paper Towels, 8 rolls, 4.99
Bounty, any size towels or napkins - 12-27-09 PG
-.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins, any - 11-29-09 PG
Final Price: 4.49

Blue Bell Ice Cream, 3.67
Blue Bell Ice Cream - Must join Blue Bell Country Club (Under Extra Scoops)
Final Price: 2.67

Sunny D Punch, BOGO,
no price listed
-.55/1 Sunny D Smoothie, Any (Manf. Coupon - Bricks Link)
Final Price: ?

Lay's Potato Chips, BOGO, no price listed

Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce, .99
Hunt's Product, Any from home mailer
Final Price: Free if you are lucky enough to have this coupon!

Ro-tel, .99
Rotel Diced tomatoes, 10 oz. or larger - All You, December 2009
Final Price: .74 ea

Bush's Black Eyed Peas, .79

Zatarain's Rice, .99

Betty Crocker Corn Muffin Mix, 3 for $1

Vlasic Sauerkraut, 2 for $3

Daisy Sour Cream, 16 oz, 1.89
Daisy Brand Sour Cream (16 oz. or larger) - 12-13-09 SS
Final Price: .89 ea

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