Friday, November 19, 2010

Great Deals at GFS

My favorite time of year to shop at GFS is during the holidays. They make it so much easier to entertain. They are similar to Costco/Sams without the membership fee. The following sales are through November 24th. There is also a $5/$50 coupon in last Sunday's circular.

Whole Hen Turkey, .39 per lb (with $25 minimum purchase)

Fresh Mashed Potatoes, 6 lb tub, 3.99

Roasted Turkey Gravy, 50 oz, 2.99

Sweet Potato Souffle, 70 oz tray, 8.99 (tasted this at one of their taste tests and it was great)

Candied Yams, 2 lb tub, 5.99

Vegetable Blends, 4 lb reclosable bag, 4.99

14 Slice Variety Cheesecake Pack, 9.99

Cranberry Orange Relish, 5 lb tub, 11.99 (also tasted and was great)

Turkey Shaped Butter, 2.99 (the only time I will actually spend money on butter! Too cute.)

Macaroni & Cheese, 5 lb tray, 8.99 (great for kids on Thanksgiving!)

2.5 Dozen Eggs, 1.99 (.80 per dozen)

Au Gratin or Scalloped Potatoes, 10 oz tray, 7.99

7-Up Products, 2 ltr, .89

Smoked Ham Half, 1.99 per lb (6 lb average ham)

Pumpkin Cake Roll, 14.99

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