Monday, May 18, 2009

May Money Saving Challenge Update

I started this month off with $80. It has been surprisingly easier than I thought it would be to stay on target. I still shop, but aim for the free or nearly free items. I do have a few purchases to add. My husband could not take the lack of good coffee creamer so he stocked up (among other purchases). However, I did hand him coupons as he was leaving!

Publix: 34.34 (husband purchased but he saved 24%)

Kroger: 7.61 (to take advantage of the 7 Electrasol coupons I had left and Milk at $1.99 – saved 82%)

CVS: 1.54 (saved 98% off of $90.60 – too busy with visitors to blog on it)

Walgreens: 3.74 (flipped RRs –spent 5 and got back 8 on Vitamins)

FSA Reimbursable: -$15.87 (already submitted so will be returned in five days)

May Challenge remaining balance: $47.71


Liz said...

I really envy your ability to shop like this. The process just simply makes no sense in my head LOL! Fantastic job though!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Duuuuude. That CVS trip sounds EPIC. ;P Great job sticking to the budget so far!