Monday, April 5, 2010

For the Locals: Summer Camp in Williamson County

Do you live or work in Williamson County and need a summer camp for your kids? Do you cringe at some of the summer camp prices? Honestly, I would love to send my kids to a specialty camp but can't stomach the near mortgage size price tag or accommodate the shorter hours with work. Fortunately, Williamson County has a fantastic summer camp at a reasonable price and hours that cater to working parents. My kids have attended this camp for the last three years and have had a ball. They have theme days and many field trips (swimming, magicians, etc.). What more could a kid ask for? They have also made lasting friendships and look forward to seeing the kids each year.

There are multiple sites so you can find one closest to you. The price is $17 per day and better yet, you pay by the day not by the week. Registration is the first week in May (see the link for exact day) and it is at the Franklin Recreation Complex. There is a link for the forms so you can fill them out before you get there. Basically you stand in line, pay the registration fee ($25) and the first couple of days, hand in the forms and then you are done. It is truly one of the best deals around for summer camp!


Joan Dyer said...

Hi Dr. Mom,
I'm a working mom new to the area and plan to register my rising 1st grader for the Rec Center's summer camp.
But do you have any suggestions as to what I can do for her care during the 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after?
Thank you,
9-5er :)

Dr. Mom said...

Hi Joan,

If she is in the Franklin Special School District or Williamson County Schools, there is a MAC program that she can attend. It is quite good as well and reasonably priced. My kids like it. For FSSD students during the summer it is $18 per day and for Williamson County School Parents it is $20 per day. The only reason I don't use it is that Summer MAC is in the opposite direction of my work and costs a slight bit more usually. You also pay by the day. I do use it during the school year. Go here to check it out:

If you can't do the MAC Camp, I would go next to the individual YMCAs. While there is the YMCA Camp Widgiwagan (very expensive but the kids love it), the Y also has reasonably priced camps at each location which you can see when you go to the individual sites here:

There are also numerous, more expensive camps nearer to Nashville, like the Zoo Camp, Science Center Camp, Theater Camp, etc.

Hope that helps!

Joan Dyer said...

This does help a lot! Thanks so much. :)