Monday, April 19, 2010

Playing Movies on My TV from My iPod!

Not long ago I downloaded a movie onto my husband's iPod (2012) so he could watch it on a long plane ride for a business trip. Recently, we began to long for a future where you could just dock your iPod and watch a movie on the big screen. As you know, kids can easily destroy DVDs and VCR tapes. So in our Saturday slothfulness, I said "Hey honey, you know that docking station in the kitchen that I bought last year? I think it allows you to hook up to a TV and play your movies." I did actually read the description when I purchased it, kind of.

So my sweet husband gets it and messes with the TV and speakers a bit... and TADA we can now watch our iPod movies on a large flat screen (2012 was awesome). The picture is great and the sound, which he hooked up to the speakers, is perfect. Now I am probably behind on the whole technology TV viewing thing, but just in case you have not tried this, it is totally cool. Imagine the space you can save in your house without all the DVDs and VCR tapes floating around.

1 comment:

KT said...

didn't know you could do that.
can you put your dvd movies onto your ipod?

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