Monday, May 3, 2010

Cumberland River Downtown Nashville

This is the train station at Riverfront Park, currently now part of the Cumberland River.


Super Coupon Lady said...

WOW! I hope you and your family are ok. I love your blog & I'm a follower. I blog too and would love for you to come check out my blog and follow me (if you want :) )

Nonna Beach said...

I assume you are O.K. It is so devastating to see the photos and news stories on the floods. We are praying that things get back to normal asap there in Nashville. It is a beautiful area. I feel so sad for all the lives, businesses and families ruined by this disaster.

In Franklin...we have friends who live there and are relieved they are in no danger.

Prays and HUGS to you all !

Nonna Beach said...

Glad you all are ok. We have friends in Franklin who we were worried about but they are fine.

Prayers for everyone who is suffering or lost a loved one, property or income from this disaster !

Dr. Mom said...

We are okay, fortunately. However, numerous co-workers of my husband and me were affected. It is very difficult for them, but I have faith that they will get back to normal eventually.