Thursday, May 10, 2012

Food Saver Meat Sale!

Now is a good time to stock up on meat at Food Saver. Through Sunday, pork loins are $1.38 per lb ($1.52 with 10% added). Also, fresh drumsticks are .97 per lb ($1.07). I have previously purchased their pork loins and they are really good.

I knew I was going to stock up, but serving whole pork loins over and over did not appeal to me. So it dawned on me that Food Saver has its own butcher, and they will cut a piece of meat up for you for free. So I purchased six and had two cut up for stew meat and two cut up in chops. Just so you know, boneless pork chops are over $4 per lb and having a pork loin cut is so much cheaper. One pork loin cut up into stew meat will fill three Ziploc bags. Each pork loin had an average cost of $6.27. Chicken leg packages averaged $4.53 ea. What you see is 27.3 lbs of pork loin and 14 lbs of chicken. Total OOP was $61.40.

Picture below is after separating the meat out into storage bags for freezing just to show how much one pork loin produces.


Michelle Smiles said...

I've never heard of this place...seems odd with the 10% added but if the prices are good I guess that could make sense. Great pork deal. I'll have to wander over there and check it out sometime soon.

Dr. Mom said...

Just fyi, I was there today and the pork sale was still going on. They also have cabbage for .28 per lb.