Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Guest Post: Ten Ways to Keep More Money in Your Wallet!

Here is a great refresher on saving money by guest poster, Jay Manning.

Ten Ways to Keep More Money in Your Wallet!

Do you work pay check to pay check? Are you constantly spending more than you earn? You are among the millions of Americans who are feeling the burden of a fallen economy. Here are ten ways to keep more of your hard-earned cash in your wallet!

1. Take your own cup of coffee to work in the morning.
Just by making coffee at home, you can save yourself over $30.00 a month. I understand the need for a latte or a cappuccino once in a while, but you can buy delicious creamer alternatives at your local grocery store. Make it a special treat once a week to stop at your favorite local coffee spot and spoil yourself.

2. Get out your recyclable lunch bag and take your lunch to work. You won't believe how much money you will save just by taking your lunch three to four times each week.

3. Make a list before you go grocery shopping. Stick to your list and avoid impulse buys at the grocery store. Try to keep within a set budget and buy in bulk whenever possible. Sam's Club is a great example of where to go for some of your bulk-buying needs.

4. Take back your cans. You can help save the environment and put the money back into your wallet at the same time. Invest in a recycle bin just for your cans and use it all year long.

5. Do your coupon homework. Keep your coupons organized and make sure you bring them with you when you shop.

6. Compare prices. Whether you are shopping for groceries, clothing or toys, you need to compare prices. You can do a lot of comparison shopping in your very own home. Utilize the internet and price shop ahead of time. This is a great way to save yourself time, money and gas.

7. Limit nights out. It’s fun to take the whole family to the movies for a great feature and refreshments, but limit this to special occasions (once a month, at most) and save yourself a boatload of money. To take a family of four or five, you are going to spend at least $60.00 in tickets and refreshments. Furthermore, going out to eat before the show can prove just as costly. Instead, try eating an early lunch where everyone shares generous appetizers and entries, then hit a matinee and skip the refreshments (or buy some candy at the grocery store beforehand, that everyone can share).

8. Cancel your gym memberships for the spring and summer. You can get an amazing amount of exercise by going to your local parks, biking, and swimming. You can save a ton of money and inspire your children to exercise with you. Take them to the park and play soccer, Frisbee, basketball, or tag and enjoy some fun family time together.

9. Cancel subscriptions. You can use the internet to review and retrieve the latest news and information. Some magazine, like Entertainment Weekly, provide almost all the content in their magazines on the their website too.

10. Carpool. With gas prices rising to a possible $5.00 a gallon this summer, you may want to think about carpooling to work or school. Don't be afraid to ask around and I bet you will find there are a lot of people willing to carpool with you.

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