Sunday, May 13, 2012

Would you like to put your DVDs on your IPAD or Tablet?

This is kind of specific, but if you travel a lot you will know how valuable this info can be. Recently, I bought my husband for his birthday a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. He will be traveling to Poland soon for business and wanted something small for entertainment and communication back home. We have many DVDs and wanted a way to put some of them on the Samsung so he can watch something on the plane, etc. (without an internet connection). That is when I came across this site and software for burning DVDs to your computer and then transferring them to your tablet/iPad/etc. We tested it in the trial version of the software and when it worked we purchased the full version ($28). It is totally easy and cool! Just to be able to burn your DVDs to your computer to watch when you want rather than to keep track of the disc will be great! Here is the information:


HERE is a site that discusses how easy it is to operate.

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