Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kroger Paid Me!

I have read about people being given money back after couponing, but I never thought I would experience it! You see, Tennessee has no state income tax, but it does have 9.25% tax on groceries. So even if I get the total to zero, there is always the tax.

Anyway, here is what happened. Yesterday, I had to get a prescription filled. So I took to Kroger my Walgreens bottle and my Rite Aid coupon for a gift card when you transfer the prescription and asked if they would take both. If they said no, I would have just taken it to Rite Aid. However, they agreed and put $30 on my Kroger card. And it turns out that the prescription is cheaper at Kroger. Very cool.

This week has been pretty rough at the office because much like everyone else, we are being affected by the recession. Our department's budget is being cut and there is nothing left to cut but people and payroll. Things look like it's going to get worse before it gets better. Anyway, I needed some retail therapy (I know, grocery shopping...sad) for my 20 spare minutes between work and first child pickup. One of the local Krogers (Brentwood) is having triple coupons until May 9th because they are down the street from a Harris Teeter who also is having triple coupons. Don't you love competition?

Last night after I put the kids to bed I was sorting through some coupons (I am so behind) and when I would come across a high value coupon, I would put it in an envelope. Usually I like to come up with a basic plan, but not today. I just wanted to shop. So this afternoon I headed to Krogers.

Here is what I purchased:

6 Dole Fruit Cups 4 pack, regularly 2.33, on sale 1.99
-3 .75/2 MF Qs, tripled
Final Price: .87 each

4 McCormick Grinders, regularly 2.59, on sale 2.39
-4 .75/1 MF Qs, tripled
Final Price: .14 each

1 McCormick Seasoning, 4.29
- .75/1 MF Q, tripled
Final Price: 2.04

3 Eggo Waffles, 2.33 each
-3 .75/1 MF Qs, tripled
Final Price: .08 each

3 Kraft Barbecue Sauces, 1.49
-3 .75/1 MF Qs, tripled
Final Price: Free

3 Bertolli Spahgetti Sauce, regularly 3.79, on sale 2.49
-3 .75/1 MF Qs, tripled
Final price: .24 each

3 Jello Puddings, 2.75 each
-3 .50/1 MF Qs, tripled
Final Price: 1.25 each

Total before coupons/sales: $61.75
Coupons: 40.47
Sales: 7.14
Gift Card on Kroger Shopping Card: 30.00
OOP: -15.86 (saving 129%)

The cashier called a manager to the register, he okayed it and said "Great shopping, Mam!" Then the cashier actually PAID me $15.86 out of the register. I did not expect it and was probably standing there with my mouth hanging open. I had figured that anything not spent would remain on my Kroger card. I love Kroger!

May challenge total: 73.98 + 15.86 = $89.84


Frances said...

WTG!!! I wish we had triple coupons!

Michelle @ Leaving Excess said...

That is awesome - warms the heart!

Robin said...

Great job! You are so good at this!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Hahaha way to go!!! Love it... I wish my stores doubled on coupons past .50, let alone tripling! And grocery shopping works at retail therapy for me too, btw. ;P

Cozyflier said...

Hi! New to your blog! GREAT shopping!!!!! Our stores don't even do double coupons!

I did manage to cut the grocery bill by $400 by buying groceries at the new super Walmart verses the regula grocery store.

See ya in blogger land!

Stephanie said...

Trina - this is incredible! Definitely one of your all time best deals! I'm so excited for you! Keep up the great money-saving work! It's inspiring.

Kathy said...

I'm SO jealous...
No stores ever double in Las Vegas!
I'm lovin' your blog!
Way to go on your shopping!