Sunday, August 9, 2009

Couponing is Good for Your Brain!

I was watching a show on NPT this morning about keeping your brain elastic and improving its functionality. Routine tasks do not release the neurotransmitters needed to keep our brains active. Unfortunatley, we naturally seek the comfort of things we already know about. Challenging our minds in new ways keeps our brains young and functioning best. Because we as couponers have a brand new challenge and new set of constraints each week, we frequently get a new puzzle to accomplish. Maybe this is why I enjoy it so much. We sort, we match deals to coupons we saw at someone's website a week ago, we study other people's deals, and we are constantly using math to calculate outcomes. This is not to say that couponing is the only way to challenge a brain, but it certainly is one way that has a great financial benefit as well!


hogncan said...

This is an excellent way to keep the brain fully functioning and stimulated which is very important for brain fitness! Setting goals to complete puzzles and brain challenges on a weekly basis is so necessary to keep our brains healthy!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Totally. We couponers are brilliant, and our brains will only become more finely tuned and sharpened as time passes....!! ;P