Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kroger Triples Trip 8/13/09

I did something incredibly silly at Kroger today. I thought it would be a great time to purchase the Keebler products for the Fuel for School rebate and to finish off the products for the Nabisco rebate. Of course it did not dawn on me until I got to the parking lot that everything was on one receipt and I would need two to submit. Oops. Well I have a lot more time for the Nabisco products so I will use this for the Keebler rebate. It was harder finding coupons for the Keebler products as well since I somehow missed the Fuel for School Booklets. A number of the coupons I used for this trip were on the products.

6 Ritz Bits, 2.69
-(3) .75/2 MF Qs, tripled
Final Price: 1.57 ea

5 Wheat Thins, 2.69
-Free WYB Ritz (coupon rang up 3.49 off)
Final Price: Free +

3 Kellogg Special K Bars, 2.99
- (3) .75/1 IP Qs, tripled
Final Price: .74 ea

Kroger Bath Tissue, .88

7 Keebler Cookies, 2.50
-(3) $1/2 Peelies from the package
- .55/1 Peelie from the package, tripled
Final Price: 1.84 ea

Welch's Grape Jelly, 1.99
-.75/1 IP Q, tripled
Final Price: Free

-$8 (2 Kellogg/Keebler promotions - $4 off 4 products)

Total before sales/coupons: 70.94
Coupons: 37.59
Sales: 16.31
OOP: 17.04 (including 3.70 tax, saving 80% or 90% with rebate)

Will apply for the Fuel for School rebate of $10.


Frances said...

What great deals you got!

kim said...

I have an extra Fuel for School booklet if you want it. It seems only fair, since I am constantly using your grocery list as a guide :)

Dr. Mom said...

Hi Kim! Sure! I would love it if you are willing to give it! Leave me your email and I will email you my info. Thanks! Glad my information helps you!