Friday, November 27, 2009

Don't Forget Your Smart Card While Shopping Today!

Particularly if you are heading to Home Depot or Best Buy today, there are some great $$/$$ coupons on your Smart Card. These are sold at area Goodwill Stores and the last time I was there, they were selling them BOGO for $12. There are over 80 coupons on this little card. Three alone are just for Home Depot, the smallest being $5/$50. So if you are wanting to buy Home Depot's 7 ft prelit Christmas Tree for 49.99, dig out this card!


Mitch Kruczek said...

Is this a national program or local to TN? I couldn't find any information on it.

Dr. Mom said...

Hi Mitch,

I think it may be a middle Tennessee thing. I know that all the local counties sell them in their Goodwill stores. However, they change depending on your area. So the Franklin card is different than the Nashville card.

It is probably produced by an organization much like the Entertainment books. It appears to be very professionally done. The national store coupons on it do not appear to be location specific.

Mitch Kruczek said...

Thanks. Tho I never post I look at your blog every single day and have been for the last year. I think you are remarkable!