Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Shopping - No Coupons!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and there are some fantastic deals around for typical holiday food. I just wish I had more space in my freezer to stock up on all the inexpensive turkeys! Now is a great time to purchase them. Currently GFS has the best price on Turkey that I could find in our area. Also they sell the cutest butter shaped like a turkey that looks great at the table (Christmas tree shaped at Christmas).

Usually for Thanksgiving I make Mac & Cheese for the picky kid eaters. I have a great recipe to make it, but I realized last year that the kids can't tell the difference and could care less if it was homemade or premade and warmed. So I decided to focus my cooking efforts on the things that I liked and make my day easier, which is why I buy the large pan of kid food ready to pop in the oven.

Oddly enough, I did not use a single coupon this week. It was not intentional, two of the three stores do not take coupons and the items at HG Hill did not have any coupons to use toward them.

If anyone reading is local, GFS (Cool Springs behind Costco) is having a Thanksgiving taste testing on their products today (11/21). You can go try their food out to see if it is table worthy!

Here is what I purchased:


Red Apples, 1.99

Navel Oranges, 2.49

Cranberries, .99

3 Cans Dog Food, .49 ea

Gallon Milk, 2.25

Large Eggs, .79

Total OOP: 11.52

GFS Marketplace:

Turkey Butter (a tradition and so cute!), 2.99

Large Can of Roasted Turkey Gravy, 2.99

Turkey, 12.55 lbs, 6.15

Large Macaroni & Cheese Side, 8.99

Total OOP: 22.76

HG Hill:

(no picture)

6 Best Choice Cream Cheese, .69 ea

2 Best Choice Flour, 5 lbs, .99 ea

Idaho Potatoes, 10 lb bag, 2.50

Medium Yellow Onions, 3 lbs, 1.29

Little Debbie Snacks, 1.00

Total OOP: 11.92


Mama Brown said...

I LOVE the turkey shaped butter. I never knew we had a GFS in cool springs! Thank you so much for sharing and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I am truly thankful for you! You are a blessing to our home in helping to manage our food budget on a shoestring budget!

Dr. Mom said...

You just made my week! You are sooo welcome. I'm glad I could help! Thanks for your comment!

Earthy Mama said...

turkey butter! so cute! :D We just got a GFS here and I have yet to stop in, I need to!
I was going to look for the pilgrims at Publix, but I forgot...I wonder if they still have them?

Narayana Nukala said...

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