Thursday, January 21, 2010

For the Locals: Great Free Place to Take Your Kids

Do you need a destination to take your children to that will have them talking about it forever? And totally free? My kids love this and I still hear them talking about it and begging to go back. It's surprisingly simple, but my children could spend an hour there just pulling the levers and imaging that he is actually moving. This is Rusty. You can find him out front of the Factory in Franklin, TN. He's a statue made of junk. He is also kid friendly with buttons and levers at the bottom that supposedly turn him on (not really). There are also some cute food stores/restaurants in the Factory. So if you need an outdoor break, go get a cup of coffee and sit out at the adjacent picnic table and let your kids play with Rusty. When you are tired out, take them to the cat shop where they can pet the cats. You will have to probably pull them out screaming but they will have a ball!


Jennifer said...

I go to church in the factory and it is right beside Rusty. My kids love to play with him too. We also took their picture in front of Rusty.

Annie said...