Thursday, January 21, 2010

HG Hill Trip 1/20/10

HG Hill has numerous coupons in the Franklin Review Appeal this week that I wanted to take advantage of since I had to buy dog food anyway! It's also been so rainy and dreary here that I decided to skip the planned meal tonight and make meatloaf which everyone in the house loves. Prices and coupons are good through Sunday - Monday begins new sales.

These coupons are good when you purchase $20 worth of groceries (including the cost of these items).

Head of Lettuce for .01
Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies for .01
Vienna Sausage for .01
Always Save Vegetables for .01
Always Save Paper Towels for .01

There is also a coupon in the HG Hill circular for a 2 ltr bottle of Pepsi product for .09 when you purchase $20 in groceries.

Here is what I purchased:

20 Always Save Dog Food Cans, .49 ea

Head of Lettuce 1.00
-Store Coupon for .01
Final Price: .01

Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies 1.29
-Store Coupon for .01
Final Price: .01

Vienna Sausage, .85
-Store Coupon for .01
Final Price: .01

Always Save Peas, .50
-Store Coupon for .01
Final Price: .01

Always Save Paper Towels, .69
-Store Coupon for .01
Final Price: .01

Mountain Dew 2 ltr, 1.79
-Store Coupon for .09
Final Price: .09

2 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, 1.69
-(2) .50/1 IP Qs, doubled
Final price: .69 ea

Ground Beef, 2.2 lbs at 1.39 per lb
Final Price: 3.09

Total before coupons: 24.23
Coupons: 8.04
OOP: 16.19 (saving 33%, $10.71 was for pet food)

Pantry Challenge Remaining Balance: $7.04