Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kid Christmas Presents for Next to Nothing

Don't have much this year to spend on the kids? Here are a few ideas for you. The Graveyard Mall has some great toys/games on deep discount. Check these out. If you order now, they will probably arrive by Christmas.

Spongebob: Employee of the Month PC Game, $1.99
Bratz Rock Angelz PC Game, $3.99
Dino Island PC Game, $3.99
Monster, Inc. PC Game, $2.99
Toy Story 2 PC Game, $2.99
What's Cooking? (children's book), .80
The Prince and the Goosegirl (children's book), .80
Cabbage Kids, Three's a Crowd (children's book), $1.00
The Lady Who Loved Animals (children's book), $2.00
I Want My Potty (children's book), $1.40
Mommy Time (children's book), $2.00
Treasure Trolls (children's book), $1.00
Polar Bear Cub Book and Plush Toy, $1.99
The Christmas Walk (children's book), .79
Fairly Odd Parents 30 Piece Art Set, $1.99
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom VHS, $1.00
Plush Snowflake Holiday Bear, $2.99
King Kong Deluxe Electronic Story Book, $5.59

Total of 18 presents above for $39.30

And if you have a little more to spend, this looks cool:
Spongebob 1 GB MP3 Player, $22.99

There were a number of other interesting toys such as Die Cast Vehicles for 5.99 and numerous arts and crafts project.

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