Friday, July 31, 2009

$192 for $25 at Publix!

I didn't really feel like shopping today, but since it is the last day of the month and many coupons expire today, I made a quick trip on the way to daycare. It felt like a marathon. I was in the store for exactly 35 minutes. I wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible. I'm starting to feel better but still not exactly myself. Stupid plane trips... Anyway, perhaps I am a better shopper when I am trying to get out of the store fast. This turned out to be quite fun. The people behind me got really excited as the register total continued to drop. I ended up saving 87%.

2 Tidy Cat 30 lbs, 4.89
-(2) $2/1 Publix Qs
Final Price: 2.89 ea

4 Friskies Dry Cat Food Bags, 3.99 ea
-(4) $3/1 Publix Qs
-(4) $1/1 MF Qs
Final Price: Free plus .01 overage each

Chetos, Large, 2.89 (bribery for the kids when I pick them up)
-.50/1 MF Q from Kroger Mailing, doubled
Final Price: 1.89

Post Mix Crunch, 3.99 BOGO
-(2) $2/1 IP Qs
Final Price: Free

2 Kellogg Pop Tarts, 2.39 BOGO
-(2) .55/1 MF Qs
Final Price: .95 ea

5 Energizer Batteries, 8 pk, 5.49
-(5) $1.50/1 Publix Qs
-(5) $2/1 MF Qs
Final Price: 1.99 ea

9 J&J Med Products, 1.79
-(9) $1/1 MF Q
-(3) $5/3 Publix Q from "Back to School Savings" Publix Green Advantage Buy
Final Price: Free plus .88 overage ea

6 Hunt's Ketchup, 1.75 BOGO
6 .20/1 MF Qs, doubled
Final Price: .48 ea

6 Tuna Helpers, .99
-2 .75/3 MF Qs
Final Price: .74 ea

Publix Bleach, 1.79
-Free Q from HG Hill advertisement in Wed.'s Franklin Review Appeal
Final Price: Free

2 Country Crock Margarine, 1.99 BOGO
-(2) .75/1 MF Q
Final Price: .24 ea

Publix Milk, 2.25
-Free IP Q when you purchase $100 in groceries (rang up $4 off)
Final Price: Free plus 1.75 overage

Chocolate Milk, 1/2 Gallon, 3.35
-Free IP Q when you purchase gallon of white milk (rank up as 3.75 off)
Final Price: Free plus .40 overage

12 Milkbone Dog Biscuits, 3.69 BOGO
-(6) $2.50/2 MF Qs
Final Price: .60 ea

3 Publix Cola, 2 ltr., .50 ea
-$1/3 Food Lion Q
Final Price: .17 ea

6 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, 2.79 BOGO
-(3) .50/2 IP Qs, doubled
Final Price: .90 ea

-$5/$50 HG Hill Competitor Q
-$10 Gift Card Rebate from previous purchases

Total before sales/coupons: $191.91
Sales: 49.95
Gift Card: 10.00
Coupons: 106.54
Final OOP: $25.42 (including 10.81 tax, saving 87%)


Tara said...

That is a great shop! Where did you get the Publix Pet coupons?

Anne said...

I miss Publix! They put out some awesome coupons. Good thing my mom sends them to me. =) I love it when the total drops like that, too. Most people just want to learn how to do that.

Dr. Mom said...

It was from the Publix booklet called Savings for All Seasons which has coupons for each quarter of the year. Here is a post that discusses the booklet:

I only found them in one store about a month ago. Some stores may still have them at customer services. You may want to ask.

Nashville Cheapster said...

Super shop! I'm jealous of those pet coupons. And that reminds me I need batteries.

Margery said...

Wonderful trip! I can do so much better without my kids, too.

Megan said...

Wow that was a great trip. I also seem to do so much better when I am focused and have a plan to get in and out. Thanks for posting on my linky.

Angie said...

It was worth the trip, eh? Awesome deals!! I'm just browsing through my fellow couponer's blogs and continue to be inspired!! Keep up the good work!