Monday, July 27, 2009

Menu Planning Monday 7/27/09

Monday: Beef and Cabbage Bake
Tuesday: Caribbean Rice and Sausage
Wednesday: Crescent Roll Casserole
Thursday: Mexican Chicken Spaghetti
Friday: Ho-Bo's
Saturday: Clean the Pantry Frittata
Sunday: Chili or Cheeseburger Bread

Check out I'm and Organizing Junkie for more menu ideas!


Natalie said...

Those Ho-Bos sound good! :) Have a great week!

LA girl said...

Hey there. I was thinking about you this morning and wondered if you wanted to be included in the blog. Send me your email address. Put "I LOVE PUBLIX" in the subject line and email it to


Becca said...

Crescent roll casserole sounds really yummy, thanks for sharing!