Sunday, December 14, 2008

This Sunday's Inserts

There are some great inserts (3) today. Go HERE to see a list of the coupons. I would recommend that you get ten papers today. There will not be any inserts in the next two Sunday's papers. There is supposed to be a .50/1 coupon on any Cottonelle which would make a four pack free at Kroger. So think of it as buying TP with the benefit of all those other money saving coupons!


Kim said...

Thanks for the heads up about no inserts for two weeks. I got an extra set of coupons from my free neighborhood papers. With the AJC running $2 a copy, I don't think I'll be getting 10 copies!

vdh2a said...

Hello! I'm not sure how I got linked to your blog, but I love it. Thank you so much for the frugal advice! How do you know when the Sunday papers will/will not have coupon inserts?

Dr. Mom said...

Glad you are enjoying this blog! It's a lot of fun and helps me keep track of things as well! There is a link called Coupon Schedule under Money Saving Sites on the right hand side of my page that you can click on and it will tell you what is coming out.