Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Favorite Things Tuesday

One of my most favorite things is the free genealogy software, called Personal Ancestral File (PAF), that the Latter-day Saints gives away. I have bought and used other software, and this one is just as good or better than those that I have tried. I've used it for years and I have never had a problem with the software. Not only that, but I can download it on any computer and easily reinstall it if my computer crashes. If I help anyone with their genealogy, they can download the software for free and I can send them a file that they can open up on their machine to add to it. For a small fee (less than $10), you can download the charting companion to use with the free software. It makes beautiful Martha Stewart type family trees that you can frame or give away as presents.

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Brenda said...

Very cool idea to give as gifts!