Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How I Used $4.16 Three Times!

I thought it might be fun to trace my spending and see how long I could spend the same amount of money. So here is how it happened.

On Sunday at Walgreens:

First Transaction:

Crest Mouth Wash, 4.59 - MF Q .75/1
Final OOP: 4.16
This produced a $4.50 Register Reward (Walgreens' money)

Second Transaction:

5 Newspapers, .95 each
Total 4.95
Used my $4.50 RR
Final OOP: .45

From those newspapers, I took out the Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamer's coupon ($1/1). I actually got six of those coupons as there was an extra insert in the papers.

Publix on Monday:

Final Transaction:

7 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamer Peas, regularly $1.80, 50% off - 7 IP Q's $1/1, making them each overage -.20 (had another coupon from the delivered paper at home)

5 Muir Glen Tomato Sauce, .85 - 5 IP Qs $1/1 making them overage of -.15 each

Bag of Pretzels, 2.39 - 1 MF Q .75/1

1 Uncle Ben's Ready Made Rice, 1.95 - Free Mailed Coupon

Freezer Pops, 2.39, Penny Item making them .01

Total before Coupons: $25.76
Total after coupons: .13 plus tax. (and an exclamation from the young cashier saying she had never seen that before!)

Thus, my original $4.16 bought Mouth Wash, Newspapers, and 6 packages of Vegetables, as well as multiple deals in the future from the many coupons in last Sunday's paper. I love this game.


Prudy said...

You are a money saving genius!

Melissa said...

omg that was awesome!

Jessica said...

I have always wanted to trace my savings - great idea!!!

P.S. I almost picked up the Crest just to turn around and buy papers with the Register Reward to - but the hubbie wanted to leave.

I found you through Sarah at Fiddledeedee - love your blog (I am also a fellow "Nashvillian")

Julie said...

Wow!!!! Thats cool how you did that with the same money! All of that for under 5.00! Good Job! Julie @ couponsavingfamily

*Hippie* said...

Awesome overage on the frozen peas!! I used the $1 Q at our local store that has them on sale for $1 this week to get them FREE. Overage is better... lol