Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have always loved technology and will fiddle with any software or computer until I master it. So when my first son was born eight years ago, I found this new/cool website to build a family site to share pictures. It is and is wonderful!! I pay around $100 a year for this private family website that is accessible by all my family with their own individual IDs and passwords. It also has an email account for each individual. One of the great features is that it has information on every one of the members including address, birthday and phone number. Thus, when you need to send a present or want a phone number, you just log in and get the info. The site will also email you when someone's birthday is near and when anything is added.

The page stores tons of information. I have the capability of uploading up to 8.6 GB and could purchase more if I need it. There are sections for pictures, recipes, family history/tree, family calender, chatting, and a file cabinet. I am sure there are other sections I could add but those are what we use. Any family member can post on the page. I currently have over 350 family recipes entered. You can search by a key word for recipes or pictures. So when I want to cook aunt Zelda's recipe, I take my laptop to the kitchen and just pull it up. In the eight years we have had the page, my family has added over 2,200 photos, and I still have plenty of room. I have even added videos and recordings of my children speaking. It has brought family members from all over the United States and Europe together. When someone has a baby or is ill, we all have instant access to the information or pictures. What is interesting is that my husband's family connected to me through a family tree, and I have access to their site as well. When I want to post something like a picture, I can post to their website at the same time. It is very cool. Paying for this site is truly worth it!

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Kara said...

This looks neat. I'll have to check it out, thanks!

Wani said...

What a great family pix!!

Dr. Mom said...

Thanks,I actually took that one. I would set up the picture and then run into place. It took about three times for it to turn out.