Thursday, September 25, 2008

Great Trip to Publix 9/25/08

Since I am leaving town for the weekend (going to see my brand new niece in Philadelphia), I decided to do a quick trip to Publix to use up some of my soon-to-expire coupons. The nice thing about only having thirty minutes to shop is that you have to follow your list exactly and don't have time to look for other deals, thus I probably spend less.

Here is what I bought:

10 Bird's Eye Voila Meals, regularly 4.99, BOGO
-9 Blinkie Qs $1.25/1
-1 MF Q $1/1
Final Price: $1.27 each

6 Johnson & Johnson Buddies Soap, $1.09
-2 MF Qs $3/3
Final Price: .09 each

6 Muir Glen Tomato Sauce, .85
-6 IP Qs $1/1
-1 Publix Q $1/2
Final Price: -.32 overage each

5 Kraft Salad Dressings, $2.69
-5 B3G1 Kraft Products (Kool Aid for the 3)
Final Price: Free

3 Crystal Light Drink Mixes, $3.50
-3 B3G1 Kraft Products (Kool Aid for the 3)
Final Price: Free

24 Kool Aid Packets, .20 each

4 Ocean Spray Juices, regularly $3.49, BOGO
- 2 MF Qs $1/2
- 2 Publix Qs $1/2
Final Price: .75 each

5 Smart Balance Spreads, $2.59
-5 Blinkie Qs .75/1
-5 Publix Qs $1/1
Final Price: .84 each

8 Dole Fruit Gels/Parfaits, regularly $2.07, BOGO
-2 MF Qs .75/1
-2 MF Qs $1/3
Final Price: .60 each

Pam Spray, $2.99
-MF Q .50/1 Doubled
Final Price: $1.99

Total before sales and coupons: $149.36
Coupons: 66.45
Sales: 44.07
Total savings: $110.52
Tax: $7.55

Final OOP: $38.84 (saved 74%)

It's a good day when you save more than twice what you spend!


Justine said...

Awesome shopping trip... you'll have to link up with this one when I post the end of the month bragging contest this weekend!

*Hippie* said...

Wow!! Awesome trip!!!!

DealDad said...

You did an awesome job - don't you just love to post the savings when you get the B3G1 Q's? I'll bet Kraft is doing a major rewrite on that one for next summer!

Brenda said...

I loaded up on the Bird's Eye Voila's too - those meals are awesome!