Sunday, August 10, 2008

CVS & WAGS Trip 8/10/08


My husband has acquired my miserable cold from last week so he requested some Sudafed from behind the counter (really, the only thing that works) and a new lock for visits to the Y. So off I went to work the best possible deal with these requests.

Here is what I got:

Large Sudafed Box, $9.29 - 1 MF Q $1/1
2 Lamisil, $7.59 each - 2 MF Qs $4/1
Combination Lock - 5.99
2 Arizona Blueberry Teas, .99 BOGO

CVS $2/10
CVS $5/30 from an email that expires today
CVS Skincare coupon (Actually, I had a product for it and the cashier said the coupon had not rung up because the product was below $2. I did not feel like arguing so I told him to just take the product off, which he did. However the coupon actually did ring up which I discovered after I got home.)
$4.99 ECBs

My total with tax was $11.06 and I got $10 ECBs in return for the Lamisil. Not too bad since I had to get things that I had not worked into my scenarios.

Walgreens (aka WAGS)

I needed some Sunday papers for the coupons, so I was there anyway and wanted to get the Kellogs products for their rebate and for the Register Rewards. I looked for the products that would produce double the register rewards as noted in numerous other blogs, but I guess everyone must know about it because they were all gone. Oh, well. I got some other great stuff as well.

5 Newspapers, .99 each
22 Packs of 10 Bic Pens, on sale 2 for $1 - 11 MF Qs $1/2 making them free
4 3M Magic Tape, 1.39 each on sale 2 for $1 - 2 MF Qs $1/2 making them free (this coupon came from the Publix Back to School Booklet)
6 Yogo Fruit Snacks, $1.99 each - 3 MF Qs $1/2
4 Pop Tarts, $1.99 each - 2 MF Qs $1/2

Total Savings was $23.18
Final Cost was $22.77
Got $5 in Register Rewards to use toward my next purchase
Will get $10 Rebate for purchasing 10 Kellogs products on one receipt
Thus, my true cost was $7.77 about what I would have paid for the newspapers alone.

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Justine said...

I didn't get the double RR either... but we tried! :)