Saturday, August 2, 2008

How Many Newspapers to Buy?

In order to really get the good deals with coupons, you need coupons. Right? The best way is to purchase multiple Sunday papers or order from a coupon clipping service. Since I am not organized enough to order from a service (yet), option one is my best bet. But how many to purchase? The best advice I have gotten so far for the number to buy has come from Thrifty in the Cincy. I have followed her suggestions the last few times and I have made some awesome purchases. You can also go HERE for the 2008 coupon insert schedule to see what is going to be in the paper.

On a side note (haha), someone suggested that an easy way to cut out the coupons is to first slice the folded side edge so you can more easily match up the pages and then cut. That way your identical coupons will already be grouped together.

Many times you can purchase your papers on Monday for a reduced amount, which I would love if I could find it! So far no luck. If anyone in the Nashville/Franklin TN area knows where to get them cheap, let me know!


Brenda said...

I always heard that you should buy 1 paper per person in your household (that is 4), but once I started really couponing, I now buy 6 each Sunday. I am lucky that a major Sunday paper here is only 50¢, so I get all 6 papers for $3.00. I already saved more than that in one shopping trip this morning so it more than offsets the cost!

Dr. Mom said...

Wow, you are so lucky. Our newspaper is $1.75. My sister said that I might be able to buy it at Walgreens for $1 so I am going to give that a try.