Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Walmart Superstars

If you are a big Walmart shopper, you need to check out these posts. They got some amazing deals! They make me want to go brave the masses and fight over parking!

Shake the Salt
Justine's Grocery Brags


Justine said...

Thanks for the link up! If you go to Wal-mart make sure you grab this month's ALL YOU magazine... tons of great coupons!!

Christy said...

Thanks for the linky love! I'm lovin' the matching jackets in the fam profile pic - too cute.

I'll echo what Justine says, but up the ante - BUY TWO! There are 5 FREE Kraft / Oscar Mayer product coupons when you buy 3 Kraft products. (Plus other good coupons).

Christy @ Shake The Salt

Justine said...

LOL.. I DID buy two... in addition to the subscription I get to the house! LOL