Thursday, August 14, 2008

Saved 96% at Kroger!

Thanks to Stretching a Buck I discovered the great deal on Nestle products going on right now at Kroger. I had to get a prescription filled anyway yesterday, and I had some great Coffeemate coupons that were expiring yesterday as well. We drink a lot of coffee at our house. We go through a bottle of creamer every week. Even our children love the smell of coffee. When our oldest son was a crawler, he would crawl over the laps of family sitting on the sofa to get to the side table that someone had placed a cup of coffee (he didn't do it for coke or juice). We would never give it to him, but he wanted it really bad. Anyway, the great thing about Coffeemate is that the freshness date is sometime in November so the stuff is good for a long time. The cookie dough can be just tossed in the freezer and pulled out when the kids beg to make cookies. Lately I have been making them from scratch, which is nice but so messy. The kids love to do it either way.

Here are the steals deals:

As I mentioned, I had to get a prescription filled which I transferred from another pharmacy. If you take in the coupon from Rite Aid that says when you transfer a prescription they will give you a gift card for $30 (commonly found in Rite Aid newspaper inserts) Kroger will honor it and put the money on your Kroger card. Do this first as it takes time for them to fill the prescription and time for the computer system to recognize that you have $30 on your card (the key chain customer card).
  • 8 Nestle Cookie Dough, regularly 2.61, on sale 2 for $5 - 8 IP Qs $1/1 making them $1.50 each (see link on right of page for Nestle coupon site)
  • 1 Oscar Meyer Lunch Meat, $3.99 - Kroger mailed home coupon for free OM Lunch Meat making it free
  • 14 Coffeemates (32 oz), regularly $3.35, on sale 2 for $6 - 7 pull-tab coupons .55/2 making them $2.72 each (this is why when you pass those little boxes with the coupons on an item you use, that you get quite a few because they eventually go on sale and then you can use them)
  • 1 Sally Hansen Lipstick, regularly $6.25, on sale 75% off at $1.56 - 1 IP Q $1/1 making it .56
  • 2 Covergirl Lipstick, regularly $9.19, on sale 75% off at $2.30 - 2 MF Qs $1/1 making each $1.30
  • 4 Covergirl Eyeliner, regularly $6.00, on sale 75% off at $1.50 - 4 MF Qs $1/1 making each .50 (I had also a $2 off any Kroger beauty purchase of $10 from a mailing, thus all makeup had an average of .45 each)

Additionally I used:
$5 off of $50 Piggly Wiggly competitor coupon (from the Entertainment Book - request this in the beginning when the total is high and your cashier is generous)
$15 off for the Nestle Deal going on right now (buy $20 of Nestle products, get $5 at the register, limit 3)
$30 for prescription transfer (if I had not had this, the savings would have been at 69%, still good)

Total before coupons/discounts: $123.26
Kroger Plus Savings: $75.39
Coupons: $40.25
Tax: $3.60
OOP: $7.62 (96% Savings) and I did all this in the 30 minutes between getting off work and the first of two children pickups. You should always know exactly what (with coupons ready) you are going to buy when you go in - it cuts the time dramatically.


Laura said...

I SOOOO wish we had a Kroger here! Maybe one day. Great shopping trip!

Justine said...

NIIIIICCEEE!!!!! We don't have a Kroger here either or I would SO be there after reading your post!

Michelle said...

Awesome, and so true about being ready with coupons. I love it when I can squeeze a trip in like that it is like finding extra time!