Friday, August 22, 2008

Ideas on How to Spend Your $5/$20 at Walgreens

Here are a few scenarios for today and tomorrow. Just a reminder, your total has to be $20 before tax and after coupons. Thus, your out of pocket will be at least $15 plus tax. So using coupons and their sales, I came up with three possibilities. Chances are they will be out of stock on some things in the first two so you would have to switch things around. The last idea is one if you want to get ready for Christmas gift giving. Click to see larger.


Melissa said...

ooh thanx for the ideas.. of course I already used a ton of those coupons/bought those products another time. the IPOD one is a good idea.. I might have to call my son to find out if he would even want one.. but good idea for Christmas for sure! even if my son didn't want it I'm sure I could find someone else within our Christmas lists of people to give it to... hmm

Mercedes said...

I love your spreadsheets. I think you are an accountant at heart!

Dr. Mom said...

Actually a former financial analyst for a big accounting firm turned statistical analyst for the criminal justice field! I put everything on a spreadsheet...I even dream in spreadsheets...Sick.