Friday, November 7, 2008

Harris Teeter Shopping Trip 11/7/08

My husband, who so kindly makes the coffee in the morning, said to me a few days ago, "We're down to our last bottle of coffee creamer. Maybe you should look for a deal." Good husband! So I knew just where to go. While I probably would not buy coffee creamer at Harris Teeter on a regular basis (they usually are a little more expensive) during triple coupon weekend, it becomes very cheap! Just a reminder, at least here in Nashville, if you take advantage of the triple coupon weekend, only use up to three identical coupons at a time (max of all coupons is 20 per day). The Nazi cashier and manager were carefully counting. I knew about this and was prepared.

Here are my purchases:

3 Fleischmann's Yeast, .99
-3 MF Qs .45/1, tripled
Final Price: Free (it appears that H.T. no longer gives overage)

5 Coffee Mate 16 oz, 2.19
-3 MF Qs .50/1, tripled
-1 MF Q .55/2, tripled
Final Price: .96 each

4 International Delight Coffee Creamer 32 oz, regularly 2.99, on sale 2.50
-1 MF Q .55/1 (they would not triple this Q as it was originally a Kroger Q though it said MFR)
-3 MF Qs .55/1, tripled
Final Price: 1.13 each

3 Kraft Singles Cheese, 2.99
-3 MF Qs .50/1
Final Price: 1.49 each

2 Betty Crocker Frostings, 1.89
-2 IP Qs .55/1, tripled (the IP Q says it is not supposed to triple or double but it did)
Final Price: .24 each

Minute Maid 10 pack, 3.29
-1 MF Q .75/1, tripled (also a Kroger MFR Q but it did triple)
Final Price: 1.04

2 Knorr Sides Plus Vegetables, 2.29
2 MF Qs .60/1, tripled
Final Price: .49 each

1 Harris Teeter Insulated Tote, 5.99
Vic Savings $1/1
Final Price: 4.99

3 Hungry Jack Biscuits, regularly .99, on sale .89
-1 Blinkie Q .75/3 (did not triple, just wanted to see what would happen)
Final Price: .64 each

Total: $63.94
Sales: $5.66
Coupons: 34.68
OOP: $23.60, saving 63%

I learned that even if an Internet coupon says not to double/triple, it might anyway, and that blinkies that say not to double/triple do not at Harris Teeter. Also H.T. is no longer giving overage.


Jessica said...

Hey there!

Just wanted to give you a tip I learned. The blinkies at HT don't double because the bar code starts with a 9. The same coupon at Kroger would start with a 5 (I think) and it would double/triple at HT. All the coupons that start with a 9 will not double/triple at HT!

Hope this helps you in the future!

Dr. Mom said...

Thanks! I didn't know that.

Mrs. J said...

Don't get those blinkies at HT! I also learned the hard way lol. I usually get the blinkies at Food Lion. Just make sure they start with 5 and they'll triple/double w/ no probs