Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - X-Acto Paper Cutter

I got this a couple of weeks ago at Office Max ($24.95). It has cut my coupon clipping time down dramatically. You can see it here online. The blade is not exposed making it safer to have around children. I staple my coupons on like pages together, slide under the cutter and tada, easily and instantly done. No more scissor hands!

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Rachel B. said...

That's a great idea!I have a tiny one from my scrapbooking materials, I wonder if that would work too. Thanks for your encouraging comment over at my blog. On another note, I love your city skyline picture. I actually lived all over that city for seven years and just recently moved. We love it there and hope to move back when my husband gets through school. (oh, and p.s. No Harris teeter here - no triple coupons :)!!)