Monday, November 17, 2008

Money Maker at Publix - Betty Crocker Frosting

Yesterday I had to get supplies for baking a cake for a competition in Cub Scouts. I stopped at Publix with my coupons not knowing what I would find. Currently, they have Betty Crocker Cake and Frostings on sale BOGO. Frosting costs 1.47. From a recent insert, I had .50/1 MF Q. If you use two coupons on two frostings you will make .53 in overage. I did this on six cans of frosting and it worked great. I did not have any coupons on the cake mixes but even so, the price was right and since the overage from the frostings paid for several of them, I bought some. I recommend stocking up if you have any Betty Crocker coupons.

1 comment:

Kim said...

I picked up three free frostings this weekend but no overage. My Publix adjusted the coupon. Great deal though.