Thursday, October 30, 2008

Are you dissatisfied with your house?

Would you like your house to be bigger, in a better area, or filled with HGTV furnishings? Yeah, me too. Recently The Lazy Frugalist had this house lust as well. One of the things that cured her and made me truly appreciate my home was Michael Wolf's 100 photos of the oldest social housing in Hong Kong. At first it appears that they are dorm rooms. However, this housing is permanent and only measures 10 X 10, the size of a small bedroom. They do not have a private bathroom or kitchen. There are neither windows nor a backyard. The photos are captivating in a train wreck sort of way. If you need a reminder of how truly blessed we are, take a look at these photos.

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Michelle said...

As I look at that it strikes me that we in the U.S. (or most of the industrialized world) have not a clue on how things can be.

We think things are tough, but they could get a lot worse... We are still living lives of luxury.