Monday, October 20, 2008


I usually buy a stack of five newspapers on Sunday. The only reason I choose 5 is that at Walgreens they are tied up in a stack of five and it makes it easier to carry. Also, if you come across a BOGO deal, you will want an even number of coupons to take advantage of it. Thus, with one delivered and five purchased, I generally have 6 coupons for an item. I have found that Walgreens has the best price of newspapers in my area. Currently, they sell for .99 cents. I hate just handing over the $4.95, so during the week I will buy something that gives me Register Rewards of about $5 which I use on Sunday for newspapers. This week you can purchase Alka Seltzer Plus Cold for $4.99 and you will get $4.99 in register rewards. Generally every week there is something at Walgreens that will do this. If you find a coupon for the register reward product then the deal is even sweeter.

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