Sunday, October 26, 2008

Free After Rebate Items at Rite Aid

Justine at Justine's Grocery Brags has listed all the free items after rebates that Rite Aid is offering in November. That is over $84 worth of products. If you can part with the money now, you will get it back in December (think easy Christmas saving account with benefits) and get all the great items listed. However, many of the items have a specific time in which you have to purchase them so look at the list carefully. If you have a coupon for any of the items, you will make money. After you purchase something, go to the Rite Aid website, set up your free account, and input the information from your receipt. Once you have finished submitting your receipts for everything you want to purchase for the month, finalize your rebate request and they will send you checks for all your items. They come to you looking like a post card so don't throw them away. Deposit the money in your account! Cool, huh?

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